TOTAL FACIAL RF is a complete facial rejuvenation experience offered by your Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, or Medical Aesthetic professional.

It takes about an hour in the clinic and involves the customized application of a variety of proven, non surgical skin rejuvenation modalities to achieve corrective, and anti-aging benefits never before seen.

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In 2017 Plastic Surgeon Diane Duncan and Certified Aesthetic Laser Technician Douglas McBurney sat down together on a temperate Colorado afternoon over a simple lunch that included vine ripened goodness from Diane's vegetable garden to talk about gardening, raising chickens, and the future of aesthetic skin care.

The conversation rambled from tomato varieties, to the pros and cons of various technologies, to the nuances of eggplant, to the alleged superiority of the Japanese Bantam egg, (despite it's diminutive size), and the onset of new frontiers in light based therapies, radio frequency, stem cell science and microchannel delivery of cytokine based topicals.

We realized that we shared not only a love for our small farms, but also for making the most advanced non surgical skin rejuvenation therapies available to as many people as we can, (even though we never could achieve detente regarding Brussles sprout).

So we agreed to trade seedlings and home grown advice, and more important to the topic at hand: to harness the power of our favorite non-surgical aesthetic skin care modalities into one customizable therapy designed to fit the needs of almost anyone who wants to better resist the signs of premature aging and get younger looking, healthier, more radiant skin.

Together we created TOTAL FACIAL RF to provide you with the most advanced option for better looking skin, and to provide other aesthetic practitioners with the tools and knowledge required to achieve the best in both corrective and anti-aging skin rejuvenation results.

And while we both remain youthful in both complexion and outlook, our combined experience spanning over 50 years, has enabled us to bring together our knowledge of light & radio frequency based therapies, microneedling, stem cell based topicals, growth factors, peptides, cytokines and home care techniques to create a total skin rejuvenation experience, called TOTAL FACIAL RF. 

The TOTAL FACIAL RF Experience is now available to qualified practitioners across the country and around the world. Our unique combination of comprehensive medical training, sophisticated technologies and powerful products have been lovingly composed for our select practitioners and are delivered to you with a sincere desire, and the real ability to make you look and feel younger.

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If you want the best in anti-aging and corrective skin care, get TOTAL FACIAL RF!

If you want advice on which tomatoes are most robust in your climate, or how to design a chicken coop that will produce the most amiable disposition in a Rhode Island Red? Well, for that we'll just have to have lunch sometime...